Regions Explore Visa Credit Card Application

Let's get started! This application takes just a few minutes.

How it Works:

Open a Regions Explore Card® Savings Account with a $250 or more opening balance ($10,000 maximum opening balance). This will secure, or back, the credit card account.

If approved, you'll receive your savings-backed Explore card and begin making purchases just like you would with other credit cards, everywhere Visa® is accepted.

Make on-time payments to build positive credit history while your savings earn interest.
What you'll need:

  • Your Regions online banking credentials or your ATM/CheckCard information.
    • Not an account holder yet? Please visit your nearest branch.
  • A Regions deposit account with an available balance of at least $250 to fund the Explore Card Savings Account ($10,000 maximum opening balance)
  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Personal Identification (Driver's License, State Issued ID, Passport)
  • Annual Income
  • If applying for a joint account:
    • Both applicants must be present in order to provide the necessary information.
    • The applicant whose Regions deposit account will be used to fund the new Explore Card Savings Account must be the person to enter Online Banking Credentials or ATM/CheckCard information.
  • Regions allows applicants to originate new accounts as long as the applicant has reached the age of majority for entering into a binding legal contract under state law. However, if you are a resident of the State of Alabama, are or have been a military service member, and have not reached the age of majority, please visit the nearest branch and bring your service member ID to complete your application.